Weekly Wrestling TV Roundup: October 2019 (Week 4)

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Week of 10/20-10/26
Know that starting this week, you'll see something new done with weekly AEW content to help emphasize the material here. That means this is the last weekly tv roundup that will have Dark, Dynamite, and BTE as I test out the new concept.

If you hear people say they are tired of WWE's brand of bull, by the way, point them to these blog posts.

If you want to know what was must-see in the wrestling tv world this week, this is as good as it gets. This go around, note that I didn't even bother with NXT. Admittedly, even their best brand has worn thine on me right now and I might not bother with anything non-TakeOver going forward in general unless it's STRONGLY recommended to me. And yes, I heard about Finn's turn. Not enough.

This Week's TV MVP: FENIX
Fenix went off in the tournament semi, reminding us all that when it comes to amazing displays of aerial ability, few come close. This is the second time he's been named MVP, by the way.

Select Match Reviews:
1.Aramis, Draztick Boy, La Parkita vs Chik Tormenta, Toxin, Low Rider ***1/2
AAA Worldwide
Very fun spotfest action, showcasing everyone nicely. I love how AAA has booked most of these openers this year, and it's been a big part of why they've been so fun to watch again.

2.LAX vs Jinetes del Aire vs Arez, Daga ***
AAA Worldwide
On paper, this looked amazing. In reality it was good but lacking with several things just not gelling well. After, Argenis attacked Myzteziz Jr after, leaving him bloody and twitching until La Parka ran him off.

3.No DQ: Flip vs Hotsauce ***1/2
Ring of Honor TV
I hear the format on these episodes has gotten pretty bad. Consider doing what I do and just jump straight to the matches that catch your interest. This week, we get another chapter in the Lifeblood/VE rivalry. Both worked hard, providing us with a very good hardcore battle with the right guy winning. Consider this one.

4.Bucks, Brotherhood vs Strong Hearts, Private Party ***1/4
AEW Dark
Fun throwaway atomico getting everyone some spotlight. I LOVED hearing Taz back in the game and truly hope he returns again. Dark needs an intro video and I wish I was on that project.

5.Wagner, Aerostar, Taurus vs Rascalz ***
IMPACT Wrestling
As the company continues to try to win back anyone they can in this constant uphill battle, they included a trios clash with three of AAA's biggest and best teaming against the Rascalz this week. Consider me interested. Truly, while not anything that will blow you away, this was fun for what it was and an overall good encounter.

6.Private Party vs Lucha Bros ***3/4
AEW Dynamite
Another week, another great show opener. The right team won, Fenix showed off again, and the action was top shelf start to finish. Props to both, especially Private Party who have already solidified themselves as an awesome team in such a short time. I sincerely hope Penta and Fenix win the belts!

7.Dark Order vs SCU ***1/4
AEW Dynamite
This got better as it went but still stayed just outside of recommendation levels. The Dark Order are not getting anything from the fans and Inner Circle actually got more of a pop than anything in the match until the final stretch.

8.Omega vs Janela ***1/2
AEW Dynamite
Yea, it wasn't a near MOTYC like their Dark, unsanctioned contest, but this was still worth seeing and an enjoyable match as Omega continues to get back on track. The Cody/Inner Circle stuff after wasn't necessarily the type of thing I care for but worked well for what it was.

9.Young Bucks vs Best Friends ***1/2
AEW Dynamite
Very good tag match and a better version of the Dark Order/SCU one in a few ways. AEW continues to let everyone look good even if they don't take the W.

10.Baker vs Hayter **1/2
AEW Dynamite
The women's division still has some issues and this was another skippable one that went too long. Hayter looked decent. I'm not sure 100% what's wrong, but the talent is there in the female core roster to fix whatever it is quickly.

11.PAC vs Mox ***1/4
AEW Dynamite
I missed the show on Wednesday and decided to catch the replay on extended Friday night, which included extra content post-match. I like that time limit draws are a thing in AEW and felt this was well booked in general. Largely enjoyable without giving out too much and closing the show on a good note. AEW isn't perfect, but that's okay. I continue to love Dynamite.

12.Dinastia vs Arez vs Mocho Cota Jr ***1/2
AAA Lucha Capital
Dinastia doesn't get many chances to show off, but the dude can be really enjoyable and I was happy he got the W. Of course, everyone involved here is talented, though and in all this was a very good little sprint.

13.PCW Ultralight Title: Strickland(c) vs Darby ***3/4
This week's episode of Mutiny saw a flashback match from last October. While it sucks that they need to keep dipping into the well so much for content for the series, and most weeks I am unsure how far ahead they actually planned out this series, I also give them credit for making this show largely enjoyable each installment and it's smart to showcase names that are part of the "Wednesday night Wars" to an extent. Either way, this great stuff and well worth checking out if you missed it.

1.Being the Elite Thoughts
I love the It's Always Sunny open here. TH2 and Private Party play some games, Janela gives a dude some big news in an interesting way, and CD swipes right on some sweet ass comics. Luchasaurus apologized to his partners about his injury in motivational form. Is Stunt going to be masked going forward? Sammy continues to bully Cutler, now mocking his slip from a few weeks ago. Poor Brandon. Another motivational moment as Kenny sits down with Page though that one didn't land nearly as well. Eventually, Inner Circle versus The Elite is going to happen in some big, multiman fashion and someone is going to turn and join Jericho's squad. Dear god, this merch angle is overdone in the best way possible, by the way. We got Kenny in Mexico next getting lubed up with Nakazawa. AAA uploaded the Fenix/Omega contest if you want to see it. You're going to want to see it. Oh, and the Librarians appeared at some point if that's your thing.

2.Wrestle-1 TV Thoughts
Kaz and Niki had a fun looking opener to kick off the action this week, which covered the 10/23 show. The six-man came off as a decent sprint, the Arai singles match looked about as expected, and Issei/Ganseki looked like a decent showcase of the two young talents. None of those surpassed the 10 minute mark. The true heart of the show began with a Strong Hearts six-man. Have you ever seen a sincerely bad match from them? That remains true here, too. Pantera, my favorite champ in W1 right now, defended against MAZADA next which appeared to exceed my expectations. We close with two tag league battles. The Enfants split them, taking the first with Dupree and Kuma taking down Kondo and Soya and then the Strong Hearts (T-Hawk and Irie) defeating the Wrestle-1 Tag Champs, Ashino and Kodama. In all, this was a solid b-show episode with the opener, cruiserweight defense, and both Strong Hearts matches looking like the standouts.

3.Free the Delete Thoughts
I have no idea what the plan for this is nor if it was approved by WWE, I just know that the broken stuff was pretty entertaining as was this short video. If you enjoy Matt, check this out! I'll keep hoping for another WWE exit from him.