Monday, October 14, 2019

Red's Devils Report #1

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So, this year's off to a shitty start, isn't it...

After an exciting preseason, New Jersey have disappointed in more ways than one and only those two OT failures were close games.

Something is wrong and needs fixed, FAST!

The first game of the season started hot before the Jets came back from way behind to win in a shootout. The Sabres and Flyers then destroyed New Jersey in road games. Another shootout failure followed versus the Oilers and then yesterday the Bruins dropped three to our goose egg.

The PK and power play game has been iffy (hell so has the play at even), Greene is hurt, and the goaltending has been a turnstile.

There is no sugar coating this...we suck right now.

The good news? We're only five games in and there is still a lot of time to turn things around.

The two options right now are the Devils get back on track and step up, muddling in the muck a bit from time to time, or they let this shit snowball and we somehow get worse.

Let's pretend that last option isn't a possibility.

The Devils play the Panthers today at noon which should be just what the team needs to get their first W of the season.

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