Vanguardia/Dragon Gate Mexico La Union Review

1.Dragon Boy, Caballero Atena, Falcon Fire, Gasparin Jr vs Memo Romero, Guerrero Sagrado Jr, Shere Khan, Simnolo Azteca ***
2.Dayami, Lluvia vs Pumara, Tiffany *3/4
3.Aramis vs Calibus vs Low Rider ***1/2
4.Audaz, Negro Casas vs Aeroboy, Draztick Boy ***1/4
5.Flamita vs El Bandido ***3/4

I had to do a bit of digging when I heard about Dragon Gate Mexico, but found out (thanks to the Cubs fan and then Flamita) that this is a Flamita project, attempting to bring the brand to Mexico in some form. Flamita seemed optimistic that there would be more shows in the future. Vanguardia is pretty new, too and is apparently ran by DTU affiliates like Miedo Extremo, Ciclope, and Draztick Boy. I do find myself wondering how much control the MexaBlood star would have over the brand should this turn into a regular thing...

There is a preshow promo given, but my Spanish can be iffy. If anyone wants to translate it to me I'd appreciate it, because I'm sure I botched it but it basically confirmed what I found out above.

The opener was a fun, chaotic spotfest atomico that needed a bit more focus. Still, a good start.

Sadly, the two spot featured an iffy women's four-way, complete with heel ref tactics. I hope that's a Vanguardia fixture and not something Flamita plans on showcasing on future shows.

Up third, we start things with dives and the pace remained nonstop the entire run. It was exactly what I wanted considering the talent and a very good contest that got the show back on track. I hear that Aramis won a lot of new fans in PWG this past weekend. Good for him. Dude has been one of my personal favorites in the Mx indie scene for a while now. I know his attire wasn't purposely Mets related, but I'm going to pretend it was.

In the semi, Team CMLL took down Team DTU in a largely enjoyable tag contest. Negro got a chance to showcase why he's still one of the best ever and everyone basically came off looking good. It was just a touch below my recommendation levels.

The show concluded with Bandido and Flamita in one on one action. They brought more intensity than expected, but I appreciated that and I thought the entire thing was just a great clash of partners and they both left me very hopeful that we'll get Dragon Gate Mexico more often.

The debut show (in partnership with Vanguardia) was a very good start. Now, we just wait to see if there truly will be a follow up.

Overall Rating: 75/100%