The Storm Outside

The rain outside had been thought to have reached a peak nearly 24 hours ago. Instead, it hit that crescendo and remained. The sound of the storm hitting the roof above had now turned into a bit of a contradiction as the echo itself was basically tuned out now by Edwin's ears yet also played a role as a constant distraction due to the fears the weather had created.

The power came and went from time to time. The last time he was able to get an update from his television was about an forty-five minutes ago and had warned that the reservoirs were being pushed to their limits. Anyone who had not yet evacuated was reminded that they should stay put and tips were given for survival.

Facebook updates from people that Edwin knew from high school showed that there were people with their trucks and boats playing hero. The fact is, Edwin was worried by the storm but not because he was left alone in a house slowly filling with water but because he wanted the rate to increase and was beginning to fear that some stranger might try to rescue him.

Cancer is one of many sick jokes that life can throw at you and dealing with your body slowly eating itself in a society that tries to further punish you for getting it is the shit covered cherry on top of the rancid sundae.