Friday, September 20, 2019

Devils Preseason Games 3 & 4 Thoughts

Once the season starts, I'm considering doing a weekly recap as well as a short prediction post.

We'll see.

Anyway, I enjoyed writing about the first two games of the preseason, so let's take a look at the follow up.

Three fights took place during these, which you can find out more about here.

Note that there are three remaining exhibitions on the schedule, including the Islanders on the 21st, the Bruins again of the 25th, and the final before the true fun begins will be on the 27th versus the Blue Jackets.

at Rangers
The first period sprint was wildly entertaining, and Schneider proved that, at times, he can be one hell of a goalie. The goal to end the period was beautiful, by the way. Past that, the Devils showed a level of spirit that I sincerely hope transitions into the regular season because, if it does, they will be far better than most are giving them credit for.

vs Rangers
Another shot at the Rangers, this time at home. Three goals in the 1st is the big story here, as the Devils outperformed New York in nearly every way. I'm a sucker for defensive play, and the pair of Greene and PK looked strong enough, especially on the penalty kill. The offense scored 4 times and Hughes made a statement here.

Preseason Standings: 3-1-0

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