Wrestling TV Roundup: July 2019 (Week 5)

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Week of 07/28-07/31
I'm cutting the week down a tad, covering only the final days of July. The first days of August will be added in to next week's post. As a result, here are the three contest I made time for. Remember that these posts feature various matches I pulled from weekly shows and that you should also check out reviews for full episodes on the blog, too.

1.Wagner, Psycho vs Blue Demon, Taurus ***1/4
AAA Worldwide
AAA scheduled this episode to ensure that they got one last bit of build for Wagner versus Blue at TripleMania got in, and it was smart to include Psycho and Taurus in bit roles. This was the chaotic brawl that we get a lot of in AAA main events, full of blood and violence. I had fun watching and it was fairly good, but a few spots didn't pan out as well as they should have (especially the table spot near the end) and a few other minor issues hold it back from being required viewing. Only click this one if you really need a primer before tonight's big show.

2.Dinastia Munoz vs Briscoes ***3/4
We start with a great tag match between the two sets of brothers. I really hope Dragon Lee and Rush become a much more common part of the brand as the tag division could use more life and they aren't ready to completely put Rush in the main event picture yet. Having them win over the Briscoes seems like a set up for something bigger. Ignoring the one big botch, this was well worth the time. Make sure to see this one if you're an ROH fan.

3.Kofi vs Styles ***
WWE Smackdown
I have no idea why this was booked nor what they are doing with the...OC?...but I try not to care about WWE writing these days. The contest itself was good, but there was a bit too much interference and the overall layout hurt things a tad. Not bad in the slightest, just nothing you really have to see.

4.Mexican Death Match: Bestia vs Warner ***
MLW Fusion
Bestia is a perfect addition to not only the heel group, but also the show. A victory against Mance proves that this isn't a one-off. Him wearing his Rebelion shirt was entertaining, and he put a strong enough performance in here that I am sure he won over new fans. In all, this was a good death match.

5.Dunne vs Strong ***1/2
A nice level of intensity was on display here and the contest itself was very good. Dunne has been a bit adrift since dropping the UK belt after his amazing run so this was nice, but I hope Strong ends up with the title after next week's show. Add this to your watchlist as we near TakeOver: Toronto.