Wrestling TV Roundup: August 2019 (Week 2)

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Week of 08/11-08/17

1.McIntyre vs Cedric ***1/4
Good stuff, letting Cedric get time to shine before taking the fall.

2.Roman vs Murphy ***1/2
WWE Smackdown
Very good match, though imagine if Roman had been willing to put Murphy over here....

3.WWE Cruiserweight Title: Gulak(c) vs Oney ***3/4
WWE 205Live
Great title defense, as expected, with Gulak winning and both talents coming off looking good.

4.Lifeblood vs Villain Enterprises ***3/4
This was a great atomicos match continuing the rivalry and putting Lifeblood on top once again as the story continues. Props to Flip for even working the match, even if he did largely sit it out. I'm pretty sure he's being set up to take Scurll's spot when Marty leaves ROH soon.

5.Bestia 666 vs Rey Horus **3/4
MLW Fusion
I was actually disappointed by this one as neither worked as hard as I expected and the match suffered as a result.