WRESTLE-1 TV #123 Thoughts

Action from the 12th on this one.

Seiki won a three-way, furthering his claims for another shot at gold.

Reika actually picked up a win. I have no idea what the end game is in this story with her.

A random tag team lumberjack match also happened. Soya was on the winning side.

The Enfants Terribles looked good, as usual, in the semi-main, picking up a six-man victory.

The event's main was a heavyweight/cruiserweight mixed tag, with Andy Wu and Inaba defeating Hijo del Pantera and Kondo. I have a feeling that we're going to have two new champs at the upcoming big show, for the record.

The episode closed with Aja Kong and Reika talking and promoting their match from that same big show I just mentioned.

These are the episodes I love to see from this program. I like seeing the little story work on the small shows and I am excited to see where things go. W1 is one of my favorite promotions this year, and I hope you're watching the shows.