Select Match Reviews: Strongest of Hearts

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Match from Wrestle-1 Tour Symbol 07/18
1.Strong Hearts vs Inaba, Hijo del Pantera, Koji ****

I obviously caught the clipped version of this one on their weekly series but I wanted to take the chance to watch the full contest. There's one or two others from a more recent show I need to do that for, too.

Frequent visitors here know my love for both the Strong Heats and Wrestle-1 in general so this was required viewing for me.

Note that Inaba is set to challenge T-Hawk for the top belt in soon and this was actually the first in-ring encounter between the two. So, that's pretty cool. It sometimes feels like first time encounters are rare in the business these days until you look a bit closer.

They did well to build up the title defense and all of the other individual standoffs played out nicely, too.

Once the speed picked up, this was elevated from a very good match into four star territory. Had they added another two minutes or so it could have been even better. Still, I loved this one and easily recommend it especially to newcomers to the company.

What better time than now to start watching?