Select Match Reviews: Selling Victory

Match from NOAH The Spirit 08/16
1.Kenou, Nakajima, Taniguchi vs Go, Marufuji, Sugiura ***3/4

The goal here was to help promote the upcoming N-1 Victory tournament and honestly they nailed it. It speaks to the quality of the talents as well as the promotion that a match that was basically a general simple house show contest turned out to be a truly great six-man. I know they had a purpose, but it's still worth commending.

The group had fun and we had a few interesting teases along the way. The AXIZ fighting in particular was well done, Kenou played his role well, and Taniguchi got a nice surprise win over Sugiura to close things. They nailed it, is what I'm trying to say.

Check this one out if you get a chance and keep an eye on the blog for more NOAH reviews and general coverage.