Select Match Reviews: Real Chile

Matches from CNL Batalla Real:
1.CNL Metro Title: Francis(c) vs S2S **1/4
2.CNL National Tag Titles: Chilean Empire(c) vs Mala Influencia vs Pable,Alessandro ***1/2
3.PNL National Women's Title, Last Woman Standing: Engel(c) vs Alexandra ***3/4
4.CNL National Title: Engranaje Jack(c) vs Levy ***

This is CNL's Royal Rumble. I watched and rated everything except the battle royale itself. I just don't care much for those matches and I lack enough of an attachment to CNL's roster to want to see an hour of random names and faces in such a situation.

The Metropolitan title defense was ok, but honestly nothing special.

The follow up, on the other hand, was a very good sprint with everyone making the best of the little time they were given. 

Engel and Alexandra faced off in a last woman standing contest next which was the main contest I wanted to see from the show. The finish could have been better, but it was still a great showing from both ladies and I look forward to the rematch.

We close with the top prize on the line. I thought it was good but lacking overall and I can't help but notice that Engranaje's contest have really been missing something. This never felt like a bit deal and I think Levy winning would have been a better outcome. The finish sets up a rematch, at least.

If you want to see how they do things down in Chile, check out the tag and women's contest.