Select Match Reviews: The Lucha Bros Crash and Burn

Matches from The CRASH 05/24
1.Tiago vs Craven vs Dinamico vs Karma vs Ryan Kidd vs Super Calo Jr vs Terror Azteca vs Torito Negro **3/4
2.Brooks vs Black Danger vs Flamita ***1/4
3.CRASH Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs Rebelion Amarilla ***1/2

This is the last show of CRASH pulls for me to feel caught up.

I started with an undercard match this time full of unknowns because those tend to have a bunch of hungry guys with something to prove. While a tad clunky, partly due to eight guys being involved, it was still largely enjoyable. A run-in distraction finish closed the contest.

The next pull was a good spotfest three-way. Yea, not much story here and instead just an exciting sprint but that's all I expected and I enjoyed the experience that hit just below recommendation levels. All three of these guys are talented enough that they could break out sooner than later, and Flamita, in particular, is well overdue.

The main event was very good with both teams providing a memorable defense and eventual title change. If you love Pentagon and Fenix, this could be a good one to add to your watch list.

Yup, I'll consider myself caught up on The CRASH for now. Check out my 2019 recommended matches from the company and tell me what you think.