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Matches from The CRASH 07/05
1.CRASH Heavyweight Title: Rey Horus(c) vs Fenix vs Bandido vs Extreme Tiger ***1/2
2.CRASH Tag Titles: Rebelion Amarilla(c) vs Familia REAL ***3/4

I don't even mind the shitty camera work because I'm just happy when I find CRASH material in general. While Konnan was part of the group, I remember the company being one of my favorites and I considered them the lucha equivalence of PWG. Those days are gone and they've made several changes since, including being a CMLL partner, but let's not worry about that right now and just take a look at two big matches from last month.

Up first, Rey Horus defended the Heavyweight strap in four-way action. The belts in CRASH have a checkered history, but I'll also refrain from going down that rabbit hole right now to avoid a full on rant. The contest was pretty good and something that Lucha Underground fans would likely enjoy if they don't mind the low production values on display. The fact that he won clean on Bandido and not Extreme Tiger (you might know him better as Tigre Uno) was admittedly a surprise, though.

The main event saw Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf attempting to defend their tag titles against the Parks, who barely ever take bookings where they fail. As expected, they didn't do that here and we have new champs. The good news is the match itself surpassed my expectations. The didn't  just "play the hits", but there was great action throughout and everyone worked hard enough to add the right amount of drama and excitement. I might be a high man on this rating but I sincerely loved it.

The CRASH once again provided a good time. Consider checking these out.