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1.Hotsauce vs Silas vs Woods vs Taylor NR
ROH World Title: Taven(c) vs Lethal vs King ***3/4

I still dislike Taven as World Champ but it's a smaller issue in comparison to the bigger ones ROH is facing right now. He did come off much better on this episode than usual.

The new format is interesting.

The opening promo and related follow up interviews were decent enough and the detail segments promoting the Summer Supercard event were solid.

The blurred blood shit is still laughable.

I dislike so much time being spent before we get to the first official match, especially when it was aired in clipped form. Here it is for those interested in the full thing. I'm not going to watch it, but it looked decent here and I love Tracy winning, especially with him scoring a clean pin on Silas.

In many ways, the new format reminds me of Wrestle-1's weekly series though I'm not sure it fits with ROH as much. Perhaps I'll get used to it as I do enjoy W1.

The fans in the main event were a tad tamer than expected, especially considering the venue. Still, it was a great title defense with a smart layout. This surpassed expectations and is a nice, short title match worth seeing.

While I don't love the new style of the show, I will say that this was another week that featured a recommendable ROH contest on television and I hope you take a moment to check this one out and decide if they are worth another try. I watch select things from them and put the recommendations here at the very least if you just want the best of the best.

Overall Rating: 75/100%