PokeSix RPG Journal #1

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So, one of my kids loves Pokemon. Followers of the blog know I have a fondness for roleplaying games so I am always looking for ways of showing my little spawns the way of the die. That said, recently I have made a new system specifically for a Pokemon based game.

We are about to start our second session and I wanted to keep a journal of the basic events etc.

For anyone that might be curious I indeed will post the rule book here when I get the chance.

Note that I don't care to put my kid's names here in the blog so I'll just use an initial instead.

A. arrives in Angel Port. She was sent to Pyr Island by her parents so that she can go on a Pokemon adventure. When she arrived, Professor Spruce, an old family friend, gave her a Pichu and two Pokeballs as well as a map that showed her current location and the next destination. He faced her in her first battle with his Eevee. She won and also received $5 (I use play money, of course).

She spent little time in Angel Port, leaving quickly for Tori Town. On the way, she found a potion and caught two wild Pokemon (Pidgey and Rattata). She also had a tough battle with a trainer but managed to win. She had a Pidgey and Rattata and rolled well, knocking out A.'s Pidgey and Rattata and nearly doing the same to Pichu (A. used a potion). She received $10 for winning.

The session ended with A. arriving in Tori Town and taking her Pokemon to the PokeCenter for healing. I'm treating the centers as save points of sorts.