Being the Elite #167 Thoughts

When Kenny's on, he's one of the best talkers in the game. His promo that kicked off the week's episode rocked.

Marty reference. Meltzer confirmed to me that his contract is ending soon.

The SCU stuff was fun, and the trios match between them and A Boy & His Dragon + A Lost Boy should be good. I have SCU taking the win.

Why was Kaz at Chuck e cheese on his own, why did he use a kid's tea set to take a shot, and should I call the cops?

Taya and Johnny -insert random name here- make another appearance. Still expecting them to be involved on the show at some point and perhaps Johnny will be a partner for Jericho for the TNT debut.

Speaking of shit bags, this morning I walked the dogs but found out that the thing that has the bags had been messed up due to the strong winds overnight and the bags had been blown away.


North Carolina will get a TV event. Good choice.

Jericho closed the episode with a great promo.

BTE is always must-see, so just click the fucking play button and enjoy.