Being the Elite #166 Thoughts

Dramatically climbing a ladder will forever look different after this one.

They announce yet another sell out (or two, in this case) which is pretty good for a t-shirt company. Those pretending WWE doesn't see them as instant competition are laughably wrong.

Sammy was a face for a majority of this episode, which was a jarring sight that I'm thankful is over now.

Knox gave Orange his first L in his AEW debut. Jobbing the former Fire Ant out already. Shame.

This week's BTEmailbag was highlighted by a simple positive response to the question of plans for an AEW videogame. I am pretty sure they've mentioned that before on the show, though my memory sucks, but it's great news either way for any wrestling fan that isn't stupid enough to believe that playing one will make them murder strangers.

They closed things out this time around with Pittsburgh and West Virginia TV location announcements, but Cody really needs to never sing again. EVER.