AAA TripleMania Preview

So, we're closing in on this year's TripleMania. If you don't have time to read the whole preview, let me just give you some quick advice and tell you to NOT LISTEN TO THE ENGLISH COMMENTARY VERSION (if Vampiro is indeed involved, at least).

For those with more time, let's take a look....

The show will stream on the AAA Twitch accounts at 8 EST this Saturday night.

-Llave a la Gloria
Not much is known about this year's Llave a la Gloria other than it's taking place on the preshow. Basically, this is a tryout match for rookies and indie talents and tends to be a fun, short spotfest. Astrolux is the only name I've seen mentioned so I guess I'll say he wins. He is pretty awesome, at least.

-Copa TripleMania
The format will likely be a battle royal once again. Expect this to be a general waste of time and I honestly have no interest in it nor in who wins as it's probably not going to mean anything in the slightest after the show ends.

-AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Nino, Mami(c) vs Guevara, Bordeaux vs Villano III Jr, Maravilla vs Australian Suicide, Vanilla
This could be decent, but likely tops out at three stars max. Villano and Maravilla should win, with Nino costing his team the belts due to how damn thirsty he is.

-Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr, Golden Magic vs Fresas Salvajes vs Poder del Norte
Well, the third man of the reigning Trios Champs is involved in a different match so this is pretty random stuff. I wish the OGT's where involved instead of the exoticos, but this could still be good if PdN and 2/3rds of Jinetes and friend are the focus. I say Vikingo wows us all once again and wins the match for the team.

-AAA Reina de Reinas Title, TLC: Keyra(c) vs Shani vs Taya vs Tessa vs Faby vs Tormenta vs Hiedra
The "get the rest of the women on the card" match. This could be chaotic, violent awesomeness. Faby winning is arguably the best choice, but really any of these ladies could win and I'd be happy. If given time and a strong layout, this could steal the show.

-Psycho Clown, Cain Velasquez, Cody vs Los Mercanarios, ???
AAA, UFC, and AEW versus two of AAA's top heels and a mystery partner. Yea, that's interesting stuff. I say Kross is the mystery man, but the rumors are many and all are viable options. Cain has trained hard this week and suggests that he wants to commit to wrestling more so expect him, PC, and Cody to take the W.

-Omega, Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros, Laredo Kid
This is a rematch and the most likely MOTN on paper. Omega being in an AAA ring makes me hope we get to see him versus Psycho at some point. I'm torn on who wins here, but I'll say the Elite take the win as we head toward All Out. The fans in attendance are going to be mad...

-Apuesta: Blue Demon Jr vs Rey Wagner
Yea, this isn't the match I wanted this year but honestly it could be great if everything works out. The chances of Blue unmasking are very unlikely. Both have teased retirement as an added stipulation but they're empty words. Don't sleep on this one.

I'm not seeing nearly as much buzz around this show as I'd expect, but make sure to at least check out some of these because AAA has more than done enough to earn back trust and there are a lot of matches with potential on the card. Watch live or wait for my recommendations later, depending on what's easier and fits best with your schedule.