WRESTLE-1 TV #120 Thoughts

This week's episode focused on the third night of Tour Symbol.

Strong Heart's Yoshioka continued to win early on, hopefully setting him closer to another shot at gold soon.

The finish to the Pegaso tag seemed a tad off, but the match itself seemed okay before it.

Reika getting a win was nice, as I have no idea what they are doing with her as of late.

The semi came off as a better version of the earlier tag. Everyone wants the Cruiserweight title.

The action section closed with Ashino committing murder, as he is known to do and making a statement that he is coming for the Tag belts. Enfants Terribles roll on.

Interviews and previews followed, as usual.

Once more, this was a fun episode. I watch these because I actually care about what happens on W1 shows and I hope you consider trying them, too.

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