Why PALL is Best for Business

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If you follow lucha libre and English is your first language, there's a good chance you likely only watch AAA and/or CMLL. And honestly, that's a good start. But, it's worth noting that Mexico does feature a large amount of quality in the indie scene that deserves some love, too.

Promotions are plenty, but one of the biggest is IWRG.

Followers of this blog are presumably familiar with them at this point, but know that they are home to some of the best names in the genre. Also worth noting, though, is that their roster is largely a per-date situation with no set contracts. This is true of many of their contemporaries.

Well, PALL is a governing body that represents a partnership between several of the biggest lucha indies working together for the betterment of not only their brands, but also for the benefit of the talent. This includes a way for the promotions to stop some of the old in-fighting and rivalries between companies as well as a more solidified roster to pull and helps the talent get better financial help, especially when they suffer an injury.

The brands working under PALL include IWRG, MexaWrestling, Lucha Libre Boom, and MDA, alongside a few other smaller feds. Chicago based, GAW, which is one Galli's brands (a name some readers who know me might remember) is the most recent addition to the ranks.

The base of major PALL shows take place in Arena Naulcalpan, home of IWRG, which provides a great atmosphere and is one of the best buildings in lucha libre that isn't Arena Mexico.

If you have an interest in lucha libre, I encourage you to dig around this blog for content but I also hope this leads you toward appreciating how important something like PALL is to the scene.

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