Select Match Reviews: Tranquil Trio

Match from CMLL Puebla 07/15
1.Mex National Trios Titles: NGD(c) vs Los Ingobernables ***

I had missed this one during my TV roundup, so let's fix that seeing as it features my favorite CMLL trio against Rush and the LIM.

Puebla stuff tends to be average, and honestly a lot of Ingobernables stuff in general does, too. This was actually a good title match, helped by the fact that the tranquilo crew decided to step up the intensity a tad. When they want to be good, they are. NGD worked a more tecnico style as a result of the matchup. In all, while I have a hard time recommending this one, it was still a good defense and a decent watch.

Go ahead and skip it unless you're very bored.

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