Select Match Reviews: Climax!

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Matches from G1 Climax Night One
1.Archer vs Ospreay ***3/4
2.Sabre vs SANADA ***1/2
3.Kota vs KENTA ***1/2
4.Okada vs Tanahashi ***3/4

I'll likely be doing a weekly roundup of G1 stuff after this one, but for now let's take a look at these four pulls from night one.

Archer and Ospreay get us started with a great one. How often do you see a match start with a big man taking a spanish fly? Archer has a lot to prove this month and I have no idea if he'll be able to pump out another anywhere close to this, but if KES dying is the launching point for more matches of this quality than I'm very happy. It likely helps that I didn't care much about KES, though. Mark another one for the best wrestler of the year (Ospreay).

Up next, Sabre and SANADA went to the well again. These two just work so well together and I really liked the overall Suzuki-gun/LIJ rivalry earlier this year. SANADA winning was actually a surprise for me. With Shingo teasing a move up to heavyweight, Hiromu due back any time, and EVIL teasing a split, make sure to keep an eye on the unit. This was a worthy followup and I loved the chemistry. The finish was perfect for this one and the attack after was a nice touch. Very good stuff!

Also, all hail Sabre-ism.

Dream match time, with KENTA versus Kota! While it wasn't a MOTYC like I had hoped for, this was still a very good battle and a return to form for KENTA. I am beyond happy to see my old favorite working (mostly) like himself again and I know he'll only get better as he fits back into his old groove.

We close with the latest edition in the Okada/Tana tale, which is easily the best rivalry of all time. Hiroshi is banged up a bit still and arguably should have skipped the G1 this year, but that's just not the kind of guy he is. And, if we're being honest, a banged up Tana is still better than nearly anyone else. This wasn't a MOTYC either, but was still great and well worth your time. That pant pop is wildly entertaining, by the way.

The G1 is the best thing in wrestling and we've certainly started this year's installment on a high note.

Watch all of these!

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