Select Match Reviews: Calamari Special

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Match from DDT Summer Vacation
1.KO-D Openweight Title: Takeshita(c) vs Brookes ****1/4

I'm not sure how long Brookes' tour with DDT is, but they've pushed him hard and I have a hard time believing he won't be back. That's a good thing, because he's more than done his part and he's won over the fans quickly.

Here, in what is easily just a filler title defense for DDT ace, both worked their asses off to give a memorable contest simply because doing anything else wasn't an option for the two talented workers.

There's some absolutely sick spots mixed in with great story work and, while I could have done without the ref bumps, it did set up some fun sections and allowed for a visual victory for the gaijin the first time.

In all, they turned what could have been a b-show match into a fantastic defense that I hope you check out.

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