Road to Fight for the Fallen #3 Thoughts

We start by looking at the numbers between the Rhodes kids and the Bucks. Nice stuff.

Allie and Brandi make up, and I think the LU/Impact fan in me was expecting a shot of Allie at the end smirking with black eyes. Wrestling is weird. Instead, we got an intimate video package with her. Very well done once again.

Talking about the connection to Khan's dad and some arena specs was cool nerdy stuff that I like to know about.

The match announcement of the episode was for the buy in preshow with Kiss versus Avalon. Interesting choice.

Have I mentioned that I love that this show is helping gun violence victims?

The sitdown with Cody and Dustin was pretty cool. I said it above a bit, but I love the intimacy of these road to shows that AEW is putting out. Those who dislike the sincerity of BTE need to watch this. My only issue here is Cody calling Dragon Gate "silly ass trampoline wrestling" especially with the OWE partnership that AEW has.

It is what it is.

Either way, this rocked once again.

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