PCW Ultra MUTINY #2 Review

1.SCHAFF vs Everfly vs Vandagriff vs Riley **3/4
2.PCW Ultralight Title: James(c) vs Devlin vs Strickland ***1/2
(#2 not eligible for 2019 recommendation list)

A post-match interview with TJP from last week's episode kicked things off, surprisingly. Interesting choice.

The first match was a four-way, starting off with SCHAFF cutting a bland promo about wanting a match. He's added to what was supposed to be a three-way. It was decent, but largely forgettable. Basically, imagine three cruiserweights and a monster role working a match and I bet you can imagine the general outline. Far from bad, but very skippable.

They then give us a look at Tessa's history in PCW Ultra. I'm glad she's booked so well on the show as she is arguably the best women's wrestler that isn't from Japan.

The show closed with a flashback match from 2018. I'd prefer new content, but the good news is that this was pretty good even with the iffy finish. It just seems odd to spend such a stretch of time on your second ever episode showcasing two workers that are now with WWE.

I enjoyed the first episode of MUTINY. The second was questionable in many ways but still decent. Skip this one unless you are starting the series and are a competitionist.

Overall Rating: 70/100%