PCW Ultra MUTINY #1 Review

1.TJP vs Brooks ***
2.PCW Ultralight Title: Atlas(c) vs Trey ***1/2

So, PCW Ultra popped up on my radar last year thanks to Prime offering some of their shows. Apparently, they have a new series that started recently that I completely missed the news on. So, in celebration of this news, let's take a look.

The opener was fairly good, with a solid first half with some good comedy moments mixed in and building up to an enjoyable climax. TJP is a smart guy to book and a lot of places are doing exactly that.

They then give us a look at the Warbeast group and tease something similar with Tessa for next week. Well done production work.

The main event was for the brand's light heavyweight division strap. I get that Trey Miguel is working heel, but I am surprised they didn't clip out his homophobic taunt, especially for their first ever episode. It got an uncomfortable reaction from the fans, of course. The contest itself was very good, allowing both to look good and working very well to put over the champ.

Their first episode focused all in-ring time on their high flyers, while building toward an upcoming show titled, No Quarter. It honestly did work well as a good introduction to the company. The production was solid, the commentary was decent, the crowd was having fun, and the action was enjoyable. It's hard to ask for more than that. I'll check out episode two as well and then from there I'll add matches to the weekly roundups going forward.

I am glad PCW Ultra has seen the benefit of doing a weekly series, and I hope they stick with it!

Overall Rating: 75/100%