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This Saturday the 13th, at 8 EST, EVOLVE finally gets a chance on the WWE Network when they celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The fact that I heard they're promoting this on Raw and Smackdown is a big deal and I am actually signing up for a trial on the service to watch this. I'll be leaving when the month is over unless they announce they're going to be adding monthly airings of not only EVOLVE but also PROGRESS and wXw. That won't be happening. Anyway, let's take a look at the card and make some predictions.

Note that AEW Fight for the Fallen is getting priority for me, though I likely won't have a chance to watch either live. Reviews for both events should be posted as soon as I can after the show airs, either way.

-Babatunde vs Corino
I'm expecting that Gabe was looking for someone to replace Darby and figured Colby Corino would be a good fit. I'd disagree, but I still think that's the idea here. Expect the kid to get thrown around a lot here. I'm not counting on an underdog victory.

-Henry vs Ruas
I like Anthony, but Ruas is an NXT guy an really only has taken a single L in his EVOLVE work. This is a spotlight match for him and he'll get the win after what should be a solid match.

-Greene vs Briggs
Briggs is a guy I think has a bright future in WWE, especially if he keeps at this trajectory and remains healthy. This is supposed titled, "The Future is Now Showcase" and that describes Briggs. He'll get the win here and look good in doing so.

-EVOLVE Tag Titles: The Unwanted(c) vs Skulk
I like the Unwanted as champs but Fox has been such a workhorse for the company that I'm thinking they reward him and his student here by giving them the nod. I can't believe a Gacy match will be airing on the Network, but this should be a good one.

-EVOLVE, WWN Titles, Winner Take All: Theory(evolve) vs JD(wwn)
Theory has been positioned as the face of EVOLVE for a while now and honestly if he isn't in NXT soon he might just go somewhere else. I don't see him falling in his Network debut, but this could be a fantastic contest, especially since JD Drake is a very good worker. I'm predicting that he wins here but joins the NXT roster by the end of the year.

-Gulak vs Riddle
A Catch Point reunion! Riddle is being set up as a star on NXT and Gulak is the current champ on 205. This is going to be a great, tech battle but since WWE actually cares about NXT and barely cares about the cruiserweights, I'm certain that Riddle gets the win here.

-NXT Title: Cole(c) vs Tozawa
Predictable outcome here, like the last one, but this should rock. I was a huge DGUSA fan and love that Akira is booked here, either way. I'm at least thinking he makes a full time move to NXT which would explain his recent tweets.

This show has a lot of potential. They need a home run to win over the WWE fans and they have a good chance to do exactly that. Expect an announcement during the show revealing info on future streams of EVOLVE. Gabe did what he thought was best for his company and while it's controversial, I see how to him that this show getting such a big spotlight is likely proof that he made the right choice. Props to him and, if it ends up helping the talent, than that's what matters.

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