Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #26 Review

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1.King of Gate Semifinal: Kzy vs Ben-K ****

Ben-K and Kzy put on a fantastic show here, showcasing the Dragon Gate spirit perfectly as we head to the finals of this year's King of Gate series. Ben-K is the future of the promotion and I can't wait to see how this year's Kobe show turns out.

Speaking of, we close with the latest in the Ultimo Dragon drama. If you understand the significance of this move, you'll understand why this made one of the best episodes of wrestling this year into one of the best ever.

Yoshino asked the legend to compete at Kobe. After hesitation from Ultimo, the entire locker room came out to reaffirm the desire of the roster.

Ultimo agreed, saying he'd be coming in his ring gear. The match, celebrating 20 years of Dragon Gate, will be Ultimo Dragon, Yoshino, and Dragon Kid taking on Mochizuki, Sugawara, and Kondo.

One of the best wrestling displays on TV this year mixed with one of the biggest moments in DG history? Yea, go watch this one NOW!

Overall Rating: 95/100%

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