Being the Elite #163 Thoughts

Matt and Nick's kids are apparently fans of Pentagon. It's the Bucks' birthday.

A decent portion of the episode takes place behind the scenes at the TNT reveal. Cody apparently has to dress the Bucks.

The TNT ad is pretty awesome.

Private Party superkick the Bucks out of their...private party and they promote their HOG match.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have a fun moment with SCU. Knox has a fun moment with CD.

This week's BTEmailbag has Baker reference Cole and then say that he concussion is much better but she's not 100% about All Out, CD (and Nugget) mention his role at Universal, and Jericho acts like a royal dick, picks a Punk related question, and then pretends to need to leave to talk with a fan that his sunglasses prove isn't actually there. Great stuff.

A Summer montage of the Bucks doing flips closes the show.

BTE remains entertaining, but it's an acquired taste for sure...