Being the Elite #160 Thoughts

For now, I'm splitting these back up from the weekly tv roundups. Anyway, let's see what the AEW boys gave us this week.

Oh, but real quick, did you see Alonso win the derby? Go Mets!

Ok, enough of that...

The first image here had the Bucks mocking Cody and Dustin again as well as referencing the poor choice Anderson and Gallows made by re-signing with Vince. I hear they were both beat by Ricochet in less than ten minutes last night.
Sounds about right
They also joked about having a ghost plot and Kenny being a jobber and the reaction the librarian gimmick is getting. They claim they'll go five years with the Librarian gimmick and then mock the Corbin push. Good tongue in cheek shit right there.

The Bucks are shown doing con work. Kid Cadet sighting!
Not Kid Cadet
The fact that they had Foley cameo here was a nice touch.

Up next we have Knox wearing his stripes on the beach, perhaps to avoid the flesh eating bacteria. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are gold, GOLD I tell ya!

SCU Oversleep, miss their flights, and find Peter did the same.

Spears taps out and then it's time for the mail bag.
Image result for mailbag
Bad Runneth Over
Cutler nerds out and I LOVE it and then more of the Bucks laughing at Cody and Dustin.

Apparently, adding a subtitle to a pic makes you center everything on the blog by the way. Don't expect this to be a thing going forward as a result. Just a bit of a side note.

We get a match announcement for Fight for the Fallen to close things out...
Image result for scu lucha bros
Good stuff here, ladies, gents, and non-binaries
Good stuff as usual and I like the announcement. Check it out above.

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