Wrestling TV Roundup: June 2019 (Week 1)

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WEEK OF 06/01-06/08
Here, you'll find a collection of matches from weekly wrestling shows. Typically it'll start with Sunday, but I'm doing Saturday to cover anything I missed last month.

This does include WWE material, as I'm combining the old WWE roundup with the recent monthly non-WWE roundup format.

The only full shows I currently watch every week that are covered here are BTE, Dragon Gate Cutting Edge, and ONE Championship Weekly.

I'll also do occasional special event episodes, like MLW's Fury Road this week.

Those are all posted separate, of course but let's try this out and see if it works.

1.Mascarita Fugaz vs Addam Jones **1/4
CNL Episode 3
Mascarita was hurt early on but pushed on. There were some sloppy moments mixed in, but it was decent and the finish came off like a big deal to the fans which was nice.

2.Ironman, Loser Leaves Town: Hendry vs Kidd ***1/2
DEFIANT Loaded #26
I was going to post this as a full episode review, since the match itself takes up most of the actual episode, but I just skipped the extra fluff and only checked out the contest itself. The vigor on display here was a nice change of pace from what I usually see in a Defiant ring and honestly this was just a very good match. Some layout issues and a finish that I think could've been done a tad better hold it back but I still give props where they're due.

3.PdN vs Flamita,Vikingo,Golden Magic ***1/4
AAA Worldwide: Conquista Total en Nogales
Rough around the edges but still fun. It annoys me knowing that it could have been even better had they actually booked Jinetes together, but they keep refusing to actually group the champs up.

4.Ricochet vs Cesaro ***
This was a fun, little match with some nice innovation and an entertaining post-match section tacked on. It might be just a random little feud, but it was the "main event" on Raw and gave these two something to do, so that's good at least.

5.LIJ vs Kojima, Nagata ***
ROH TV #402
Fun tag match, like something you'd see on a New Japan Road to show. Nothing major, but largely enjoyable stuff and an overall good match.

6.24/7 Title, Lumberjack: Truth(c) vs Elias NR
WWE Smackdown Live
A short "match", a gaggle of geeks, and a pin occurring under the ring. I might not love the gimmick belt, but it is solid enough comedy if that's your thing.

7.Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa ***1/4
WWE 205Live
Good match, but it's hard not to question the booking call. Oh well, this is still a WWE brand I suppose. It's just another one step forward, one back for Akira. At least they finally seem to be using Gulak in a better fashion for now.

8.Kona vs Keith Lee ***
Nice battle to put Keith Lee over and Reeves came off looking decent, too. Worth checking out if you want to see the slow building of Keith, but otherwise skippable.

9.IMPACT Tag Titles: LAX(c) vs Rascalz ***1/4
IMPACT Wrestling 06/07
Another good match from the IMPACT tag division. I get why they went with the DQ finish, but it did hurt the overall quality a tad. Still, if you like tag team wrestling you should probably check out IMPACT, because they're doing it better than nearly anyone else right now.

10.Divinos Laguneros vs Virus, Disturbio, Kawato ***
CMLL Viernes 06/07
Kawato and Black Panther feuded throughout this one, and everyone worked hard to give us a rare, good CMLL undercard match. Blue Panther Jr looked simply stacked.

11.Lightning: Cavernario vs Templario ***1/2
CMLL Viernes 06/07
The caveman was ranked #1 on my top workers list for a while this year, and I still consider him in the elite class of lucha. He showed his talents once more here, and Templario stepped up again, too. This was a very good lightning match, and one of the best matches from wrestling television of the week. Now, give us a full 3 falls and we'll have a possible MOTYC.

12.Montana vs Pedro ***1/2
CNL Episode 4
This was a hot opener with a nice level of intensity on display. One of the best sprints I've seen in a while.

13.CNL National Title: Engranaje Jack(c) vs Bundy **1/2
CNL Episode 4
We close this week's roundup with a championship match in Chile. This was a decent hardcore, walk-and-brawl, hoss battle. Nothing major, but it was fun for what it was.

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