Top 10+ Matches of May

BOSJ dominated this month, largely due to how amazing the tournament turned out. Don't forget to check out all of my recommendations.

11.Ishii vs EVIL ****1/4

10.PAC vs Dragon Kid ****1/4

9.Kento vs Shuji ****1/4

8.Ospreay vs Bandido ****1/4

7.SHINGO vs Dragon Lee ****1/4

6.Cavernario vs Mistico ****1/4

5.The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros ****1/4

4.Dragon Lee vs Ishimori ****1/2

3.SHINGO vs SHO ****1/2

2.Dragon Lee vs SHO ****1/2

1.Cody vs Dustin *****

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