The Road to Fyter Fest Episode 2 Thoughts

I love the Janela promo that kicked this one off. Anyone not hyped to see this match needs to check this out.

Brandi announces the women's match for the show, this time promising it will remain a triple threat. We'll see Nyla Rose get another chance to impress after falling into the background at DoN against Riho and Yuka Sakazaki. This one has a lot of potential, especially if depending on the layout they go with. I see Nyla winning, getting the pin on Yuka. Riho will be the MVP on the contest.

We see a decent video of Spears, the former Tye Dillinger, to promote that he has now signed with AEW. Great move, and as Cody said he's a great hand that will add a lot of character to the shows going forward. I hope AEW has a midcard belt sooner than later.

The Darby video that closed the episode was amazing, giving a tragic insight into who Darby is and why he works the way he does.

This was 10 minutes of must-see content, especially if you're an AEW fan.

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