Select Match Reviews: Thursday Night Ninja

Matches from IWRG 06/06
1.Aramis, Imposible, Metaleon vs Lunatic Extreme, Eterno, Demonio Infernal ***
2.Dragon Bane vs Fly Warrior ***1/4
3.Pentagon, Hijo de Canis Lupus vs Los Traumas **1/2

A rare Thursday IWRG show, likely because that's the day they could actually book Pentagon. It actually did decent numbers, and the content was ok. The trios match above was good, though lulls and some sloppiness hold it back from being anything better. That was part of the issue with the Dragon Bane contest, too. Both good, neither must-see. The main event was easily the worst of the three and felt a bit phoned in, but it wasn't bad and it serves as a good experience for Hijo de Canis Lupus.

Just go ahead and skip this one.

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