Select Match Reviews: Meat and More

Matches from Kyushu Pro Miyaki-Cho Ba Genki Ni Suru Bai
1.Hitamaru vs Bodyguard ***1/4
2.Hino, Nozaki vs Mentai Kid, Sakurajima ***

Following up on our first Branch Out Project post, I wanted to see how Kyushu responded after Yuji Hino won their top prize. The other match here just happened to catch my eye and saw Hitamaru and Bodyguard put on a rare, tech versus powerhouse match to decent success. The main event was mainly a pilot to build toward Yuji defending against Mentai Kid, which could be a decent match. While nothing here was must-see, I enjoyed it all well enough.

If you are wanting to follow up on the Branch Out Project promotion of the month, or just want something different, you can check both of these out on their YT Channel.

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