Select Match Reviews: Clusterfuck in a Cage

Match from IWRG Torneo FILL 81 05/20
1.Apuesta,cage: Gym FILL vs Gym Argentino **

Lucha cage matches tend to be mediocre at best. So, why am I doing this to myself? Well, the cibernetico was fun and I wanted to see how they followed it up.

Random blows among the mass of humanity, like a spastic riot, took up a majority of the run time. Sticking 16 workers who use a lot of aerial offense in a cage is illogical at best, though.

So yea, the first part played out like I expected though they did try to add some innovation here. It didn't really look that great and the catch work needs major improvement.

The real question is would the end-stretch save this from being completely forgettable?

Well, the dive from the top of the cage to the outside during the escape phase was pretty cool. When it came down to just two remaining (Canibal Jr and Black Dragon) and it meant that no masks would be lost I was a bit disappointed, though.

Don't get me wrong, I know hair is a big deal in lucha, too...I just was hoping someone would unmask.

Honestly, this was what I feared either way. Outside of the one gif-worthy cage dive, this is a random clusterfuck that is best ignored and lacked anything else really worth seeing.

Move along.

Participants: Black Dragon, Neza Kid, Death Metal, Chicanito, Latino, Auzter, Puma de Oro, Chef Benito vs Mosca, Dragon Fly, Canibal Jr, Marado, Historico, Guerrero Olimpico, Caballero de Plata, Imperial Jr

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