Select Match Reviews: Bloody, Not Brilliant

Match from Arena Xalapa 02/02
1.Apuesta: Rey Infierno vs Triple X Jr **3/4

One of my favorite things is finding awesome, obscure lucha matches. Thanks to the lucha blog sending me this list, which was put together by this dude, I found this and decided to give it a click.

They went all around the arena and by the end of the first fall, Infierno was bleeding everywhere with a mask torn up enough that you could clearly see his full face.

They were both bleeding by the third.

The drama was decent and the action was ok, but it honestly never hit the levels I was hoping. I like violent apuestas, like the classic Trauma I versus Canis Lupus war, but this was far from the same quality. They finished with a avalanche destroyer onto chairs and some of the chair shots were stiff, for what it's worth.

Yea, it was a bloody walk-and-brawl but nothing like what I was hoping for.

Skip this one.

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