IWRG Mexico Championship Tournament Review

1.Battle Royal *1/2
2.Aramis vs Sinn Bodhi *3/4
3.Trauma II vs Eterno NR
4.Hijo Alebrije vs Relampago **1/2
5.Pantera II vs Zumbi *1/2
6.Hijo Medico Asesino vs Ovett *1/2
7.Trauma I vs Demonio Infernal NR
8.Imposible vs Chico Che NR
9.Metaleon vs Lunatic Extreme **1/2
10.Aramis vs Trauma II **
11.Hijo Alebrije vs Pantera II NR
12.Trauma I vs Hijo Medico Asesino NR
13.Metaleon vs Imposible **3/4
14.Aramis vs Hijo Alebrije **1/2
15.Metaleon vs Trauma I **1/4
16.Finals, Mexico Title: Aramis vs Metaleon NR

Hey look, IWRG decided to add another random title? What's the significance? Who fucking knows. We won't know how important it is until a year from now. That said, I was intrigued enough to see how the tournament turned out, especially because you don't get to see that many singles matches in lucha libre.

The weak crowd suggests I am just strange in this stance.

We start with twelve minutes being spent on the stupid, seeding battle royal that could have been better used on the matches themselves.

It would have helped, as some of the best looking matches ended up being too short to even rate.

Aramis walked out looking rocked after Sinn failed to do his job in the first tournament match. This became a story as the night went along. It made for good imagery to see him bandaged and hurt leading into the finals, especially when his opponent was damaged by that point, too.

The format didn't allow for any of the matches to really shine and most of these were bland sprints. A few shined during their short run-times but not enough to recommend this show.

Just know that they had to postpone the finals due to injury when Metaleon was too hurt to finish the finals and they are re-scheduling the match for a later date.

Outside of that, you're ok missing this one as nothing here was really worth taking the time to see.

I've said before that this company can be hit or miss. When they hit, it's great stuff. When they miss, it's a miss for sure and that's what this is.

I'm now caught up on IWRG. Expect the rate of reviews for them to drop back to normal now.

Overall Rating: 45/100%

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