IWRG Festival de Mascaras Review

1.Fulgor I, Fulgor II vs Iron Kid, Principe Aereo ***1/2
2.Los Oficiales vs Los Exoticos *1/2
3.Payasos vs Temerarios **
4.Aramis vs Demonio Infernal ***3/4
5.NGD vs Capos **1/2
6.Hechicero, Traumas vs Dragon Bane, Hijo Canis Lupus, Negro Casas ***

This year's Festival of Masks event was pretty entertaining stuff, with the opener and fourth matches being worth checking out and only really the second contest being something you should skip. Vampiro was honored on the show, too, for those who care about him.

Check out the recommended matches when you have a chance.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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