Hello ladies, gents, and non-binaries. I have decided to try out a little project in hopes of starting something fun. I would like to give Classic Japanese Pro Wrestling member, Chris Dalgleish, credit for sparking this and reminding me of when I would see people doing this a few years ago.

Basically, once a month, I will post a little bit about a very random, little promotion. Think of this as the same principle of, say, a book club. Anyone who's interested will check out some material from the promotion, and we'll all try to discuss what we liked, disliked, etc. Now, I'll be posting here but I know most of the conversations will likely take place on social media sites (mainly Facebook) on the shared posts, so make sure to join PWD as well as Classic Japanese Pro Wrestling groups, and to LIKE the RWB Facebook page.

I don't know how often I'll do this, but I'm thinking at least once or twice a month.

Now that the summary is out of the way, let's take a look at the first promotion in this little project. Since a puro based group inspired this, let's go with a Japanese promotion, in this case. I subscribed to their YT page a long time ago but never really watched much of anything from it.

Kyushu Pro WrestlingStarted over a decade ago, Kyushu is based out of Fukuoka, Japan and is owned by pro-wrestler, Ryota Chikuzen who many may remember from his K-Dojo work. They only run a few shows a year, and use a lot of freelance talent along with some of their students. So far this year they've had six shows documented on cagematch.

Here is their YouTube Channel.

To get the ball rolling, I picked a recent championship match featuring Genkai defending the Kyushu Pro Championship against the giant bag of meat, Yuji Hino.

Match from Kyushu Pro- Kinniku Hibai 2019
1.Kyushu Title: Genaki(c) vs Yuji Hino ***1/2

I like the look of the championship belt and the intimate camera style worked well enough. I was expecting a single shot camera pulled back similar to what New Japan uses on some of their smaller Road to shows. This did create a bit of dizziness for me, but that's a personal problem that might not matter to you.

Genaki added a different layer here than most of Hino's work tends to have. One example is a sequence that saw a kick to the head followed up with a pedigree and then a flying elbow drop to the downed big man. Make no mistake, it was still largely a slow burn battle full of power moves and shots, but I did appreciate the variety.

It's the small things, you know?

The final minutes were well done, and I appreciated the drama on display. Yuji winning with cocky pin as well as the fact that this was actually a pretty good contest makes me hope to see a rematch soon.

Go ahead and check this one out, and see what else from Kyushu's YouTube channel catches your eye. You can tell a lot about a promotion by looking at their champ, so this was a good start at least and I guarantee I'll check back with Kyushu sooner than later.

Make sure to join in the discussion and make this project a fun experience.

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