Being the Elite #156 Thoughts

Jungle Boy's a Cinnamon Toast Crunch and bananas kind of guy. Luchasaurus loves meat.

Ultimo Dragon and Jericho plays in the background as Page requests a match with MJF, but apparently gets Jungle Boy instead for Fyter Fest. He later calls to fix it and gets Havoc now, instead. One more fix turns this into a four way with all of them. Interesting choice, but a good way to get all of them on the show.

The fact that we see a Ric Flair poster next to a Cody poster during the MJF segment tells me we might see him appear at some point. Very little on this show is done on accident.

The SSB get a video referencing the "who are you" chants. I actually loved how they did this. Apparently they're now going to be called The Dark Order.

Librarian comedy continues.

The Bucks promote an August HOG appearance, which they claim might be their final indie matches and then a nice teaser for All Out. They address the issues with getting tickets in the past and Cody gives a lot of info in general including when the tickets will become available as well as how much they'll be. I loved the comedy added to the end with Brandi.

BTEmailbag saw Daniels speak on when he realized he could make it as a living as a wrestler, which was a mail room job in 1999. Sammy also got a spot in this, simply letting us know that he loves pandas which is why he has pandas on everything.

We close with a tease of who the Lucha Bros' partner at Fyter Fest will be. From what I can make out they don't really give much info, but my spanish is iffy and I can't locate my headphones to hear the video better.

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