Top 10 Matches of April 2019

Image result for gargano vs cole 2/3
In another month full of great matches, these were the best. Don't forget to check out the full list of recommendations and note that these are listed in order of rating and then by date.

10.Nomura vs Suwama ****1/4
9.Aldis vs Scurll ****1/4
8.Lucha Bros vs LAX ****1/4
7.Kota vs Sabre Jr ****1/4
6.Naito vs Kota ****1/4
5.Okabayashi vs Shuji ****1/4
4.Kento vs Jake Lee ****1/2
3.Kenta vs Okabayashi ****1/2
2.WALTER vs Dunne ****1/2
1.Gargano vs Cole ****3/4

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