Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/27/19
1.Universal Title: Rollins(c) vs Zayn ***1/4
2.Kofi vs Owens ***
3.Gallagher vs Humberto ***1/2
4.KUSHIDA vs Gulak ***

It's sad that WWE is so complacent that they decided phoning it in on Raw was the best response to AEW killing it days before, but that's the situation we're in right now. On the bright side, I have four match pulls this go around. It's still just four matches out of over seven hours of content, but let's not get too negative here.

The Universal Championship match was fairly good, and followed the controversial spot that had a lot of people buzzing this week. For the record I think it was a work. But yea, I'm not sure why Sami was even getting a title shot but it's nice seeing him booked in such a spot at all. I'll assume it was as a result of the next blood money show as a PR stunt of sorts. Good match, either way.

Over on the blue brand, Kofi and KO also had a nice, little contest. It's nice seeing Kingston still seems to be getting good crowd reactions and that he's being booked strongly. The dude deserves a nice run.

My WWE Match of the Week comes from 205Live this time. Humberto is clearly being set up for something, though it does suck that Gallagher has become a glorified jobber at this point. Very good contest.

We close with the latest KUSHIDA match in NXT, who is also being set up for something. He is their newest toy, so it makes sense. Good little back and forth cat and mouse game. How long until the former NJPW junior is holding gold?

Really, the only match I recommend spending time on is the cruiserweight contest this week, but none of these were bad if you want to watch more.

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