Select Match Reviews: BOSJ Week 1 Roundup

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Matches from New Japan Best of the Super Junior 26 Week of 05/13

Night One
1.SHINGO vs SHO ****1/2
2.Dragon Lee vs Ishimori ***3/4

Night Three
3.Dragon Lee vs SHO ****1/2

Night Four
4.Ospreay vs Romero ***3/4

Night Five
5.Dragon Lee vs Gresham ***
6.SHINGO vs Kanemaru ***1/2

One week in and this year's BOSJ has already provided some high quality entertainment, including two MOTYC level contests. The dramatic storytelling, the limb work, and general action made watching these was one hell of a thrill ride. Really, the only match that disappointed me was actually the Gresham pull, but not everything has to be a classic and it was still good. Outside of that one, check everything else listed here as soon as possible, especially the two SHO contests.

I look forward to seeing if week 2 can surpass week 1.

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