NXT TakeOver XXV Preview

Card & Predictions:
1.Riddle vs Strong
They're building Riddle up to likely be the next NXT Champ, so he wins this one.

2.NXT North American Title: Velveteen Dream(c) vs Breeze
This is a toss up for me. I am happy that Breeze will get a chance to remind people how freaking good he is. Honestly, I'll say Dream wins this but I'm fine either way.

3.NXT Tag Titles, Ladder: Undisputed Era vs Burch, Oney vs Street Profits vs Forgotten Sons
God, this is a good card! I'll say that Undisputed Era get this win and take home gold after a fantastic match.

4.NXT Women's Title: Shayna(c) vs Io
With the draft just happening and the main brand's writers presumably still figuring out what to do with new faces, I don't think Shayna will be called up right now. I don't see her dropping the belt this time until she is about to move to Raw or SD. I'd love to be wrong, though.

5.NXT Title: Gargano(c) vs Cole
Gargano winning was a big moment, but those types of champs don't tend to remain champs for long. They teased a potential breakup of UE recently, but I say Cole wins and they become stronger than ever with Strong challenging Dream for the NA belt at the next big show.

Last Thoughts
The one thing I want to close with is a reminder of how lucky we are as wrestling fans right now. AEW just had their first show, BOSJ is rolling on and pumping out hits, and NXT TakeOver XXV is a few days away.

Be a bit more grateful and less cynical.

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