Looking Back on Double or Nothing

First, let's take a look at my predictions.

I did decent.

I feared Page would be the surprise entrant and win, but didn't think they'd go that route. I was right about an unannounced indie darling (Stunt in this case) and a legend (Dreamer). KENTA was not on the show, obviously, but I still think he will be involved at some point.

I was right on the outcomes of the other preshow match, the SCU/SxH outing, the joshi showcase, the championship contest, and the outcome of the Cody/Dustin war.

I also was correct that they'd add a 4th women though had no idea it would be Kong.

I was right that Moxley would appear.

In all, I had correctly predicted the results of most of the matches. My biggest misstep was assuming Omega would win the main event.

I also had incorrectly predicted Cody attacking his brother after an emotional moment.

I'm curious how everyone else did and would love to know. Contacting me is pretty easy, so feel free.

I'll do an updated prediction post for the next shows and remember to check out the past posts here on the blog.

I'll likely be a ghost for the rest of today and most of tomorrow.

The next big post from me will be a roundup review of week 2 BOSJ matches.

Thanks for reading.

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