25 Years of Quackenbush

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To celebrate 25 years in the business, CHIKARA and Quackenbush released a series of classic match videos on their YouTube channel. So, let's dig in and take a trip down memory lane. Oh, and note that I'll be working on something to celebrate 15 years of Impact Wrestling soon, too.

1.Quackenbush vs Cabana ***
A comedic, technical wrestling showcase. One of my favorite things about CHIKARA is how receptive the fans are to contests like these. While this is far from a classic, it actually works perfectly as a symbol of CHIKARA-style wrestling. Good start to the celebration.

2.Quackenbush, Toyota vs BDK ***3/4
The artist now known as Cesaro teaming up with NXT trainer, Sara Del Rey, to take on Toyota and Quack? Man, I actually forgot about this little gem. Nine years is a long time, but this was peak CHIKARA. Four of my favorite workers in the ring at the same time in a match ahead of its time. One thing this company always did well was showcasing equality. This was great work and something you should go watch.

3.Quackenbush, Jigsaw, The Colony vs FIST, Hallowicked, Amasis ****1/4
This one is from DGUSA, a promotion that has a very special place in my heart. I still wear my DGUSA hat despite it being worn to hell, and will until it literally falls apart. Hot action and a great crowd combined to make one of the best atomicos I've ever seen. Now I want to dig out my old DGUSA dvds again. Check this one out.

4.Quackenbush vs Sabre Jr ***1/2
This is from the Johnny Kidd Invitational show a few years ago. I prefer their first contest a bit more, but this is still a very good technical showcase from my two favorite technicians. Just a fun exhibition.

5.Quackenbush, Liger vs Jigsaw, The Shard ***1/2
We end on one of the most legendary matches in CHIKARA history. At around the 8 minute mark, Mike breaks his tibia. He continues to work his ass off for over ten additional minutes. He retired after this one, not working again for three years and only has a handful of matches under his belt since. This is a very good match and a perfect way to close the celebration.

Quackenbush is one of the best technicians of all time and had a hand in training many of my favorites. Despite some of the stigma that surrounds him, I will forever be a fan of his work and I hope you check these out and show him some love.

We end the celebration with a special announcement.

Congrats on 25 years!

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