Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Best Movies of the Year (so far...)

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So, to go with the wrestling themed posts in this category, let's go ahead and add a movies section. I'll add comics and other things soon, too. Anything from this year that I consider pretty good (***1/2) and higher will make the cut. If I saw it and you don't see it here, well it wasn't worth mentioning and I likely already forgot seeing it. Standalone reviews for everything listed can be found in the blog unless it's a family film (I might do a roundup post for those soon).


-How to Train Your Dragon 3
-Captain Marvel
-Toy Story 4
-Frozen 2

-The Lion King
-Detective Pikachu

This will be updated as often as needed, but it is worth noting that I don't catch many new films and most of the time they're kid's flicks with my children.
(Last updated 11/29)