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Best Albums of the 2019 (in progress)

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If you're seeking the best music of 2019, you've come to the right place. Below is the list of releases that I consider worth listening to. Make sure to check out the blog for full reviews of each of these and stick around for everything else!

-Dream Theater: Distance Over Time
-Deathspell Omega: Furnaces of Palingenesia
-Contrarian: Their Worm Never Dies
-An Isolated Mind: I'm Losing Myself
-Baroness: Gold & Grey

-Robots of the Ancient World: Cosmic Riders
-Black Lung: Ancients
-Chon: Chon
-Andavald: Undir Skyggoarhaldi
-Sols: Golden Atom
-Periphery: IV-Hail Stan

-Vltimas: Something Wicked Marches In
-Whitechapel: The Valley
-Lykantropi: Spirituosa
-Hornwood Fell: Damno Lumina
-Amon Amarth: Berseker
-Cage the Elephant: Social Cues
-Methadone Skies: Different Layers of Fear
-AnthropomorphiA: Merciless
-White Chapel: The Valley
-Silversun Pickups: Widow's Weeds

Updated as need (last updated 02/11/20)